Broccoli floretting machines

Ait is the world leader in broccoli and cauliflower floretting equipment thanks to our “Smart” patented cutting system, which cuts the florets and separates them from the stalk, depositing them in different places.


Our machinery is always at the forefront thanks to our strategy of innovation and continuous improvement.

Vision and Artificial Intelligence are used to maximize cutting performance. The camera uses an algorithm to determine the exact diameter of each piece and automatically makes a customized cut for each one.


Our patented system makes the SILEX broccoli floretting machines the only ones of its kind to create an automatically customised cut for each head of broccoli. A Vision and Artificial Intelligence system reads the size of each head of broccoli that enters the machine and, depending on that size, makes a different cut according to the programmed parameters.

This process is carried out automatically, so that different sizes and varieties can be processed ensuring maximum efficiency and without the need to calibrate the product or change and/or adjust tools. In this way our SILEX broccoli floret-cut machines can achieve maximum efficiency and the best performance.

The Silex broccoli cutting machine can cut large quantities of broccoli, increasing yields and achieving a greater number of finished florets. It lowers production costs and does away with the need of preliminary sorting by size, allowing you to process any variety of broccoli with our intelligent broccoli cutting system.

Moreover, with the new multi-product working mode, you can feed different products simultaneously such as broccoli and cauliflower, our AI software knows, thanks to Machine Learning, what type of product it is and will automatically use the required blades for efficient cutting of each type of product (available on Mixed Machine Models).

We also have an industrial vegetable washing machine and a vegetable washing machine.


Key benefits

  • State-of-the-art equipment in your process
  • Process large quantities at a reduced cost
  • Minimises waste
  • Wide range of equipment to suit different production capacities
  • Flexibility in setting and working modes, different automatic cutting programmes
  • Robustness and reliability
  • Digitalisation and industry 4.0.
    – App for monitoring production data, statistics … in real time and multi-device: Tablet, telephones, computers.
    – E-commerce for consultation, offer and immediate spare parts order.
  • The most advanced hygienic design on the market


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