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Ait at Fruit Attraction

Ait was present at Fruit Attraction 2015, the reference exhibition for vegetables and its auxiliary industry, where it had a great affluence of visitors and was able to introduce its ambitious projects.

Ait showed some of its most famous solutions, such us the broccoli or cauliflower cutting machines, or its onion peelers.

Its strategic alliance with the group EFS (Efficient Food Systems) was also announced. EFS-Packaging is a leading company in packing technology with outstanding multihed weighers and vertical packers; while EFS-Fryers brings a vast expertise and specialization in design and manufacture of fryers, with its multi-flow continuous frying systems in the spotlight.

Furthermore NicePack was introduced, an automated wrapping system of brimapack which automatically places a plastic film around the whole-head vegetables and seal them, solutions which can be integrated both in a working infield-platform or in a warehouse.

This way Ait strenghthens itself as a capable supplier to solve the processing needs of its customers offering a wide range of possibilities, since the preparation, washing or cut of the products, till the weighing  and packing (doesn’t matter if fresh, fresh cut industry…), as well as frying processes or packaging in general.

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