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It was a must to post about hygienic design, given that we manufacture machinery for the food industry, food which is going to be consumed by human beings.

In the same way, the activity of most of our customers is to process that food. Consequently it is required to have into account all the variables that may have an impact into the food safety, and that starts with a proper design of the installations, facilities and machines that will be in contact with the food.

What should we take into account to design machinery for the food industry?

1.- Surfaces and geometry, specially of those in contact with the food, or those susceptible to develope or  to harbor bacteria.

2.- The materials to be used in the process, as they should not loose contaminants and they must be easy to clean and  disassemble.

3.- Continuous weldings without imperfections in order to avoid the appearance of germs or microorganisms.

4.- All the other concepts applicable to the design of machinery “in general” and related to security, safety, hygienic, sanitary issues, and ergonomics.

The designer must have in mind all these considerations since the beginning of their work, however, it is important to perform a validation analysis once the hygienic design is finished. Independetly of the experience or knowledge in design & manufacture, it is recommended to run a test as it is the most effective way to validate a new design. This way, it is ensured that the installation meets all the requirements.

In the case of brassicas processing (broccoli, cauliflower, or romanesco…) is key to follow all the hygienic indications in order to obtain a clean process, easy to clean and maintain.



The brassicas, by nature, tend to loose small leaves in the processing, because of that the handling must be gentle and ensure cleanness ease.



In many cases 100% of the product is being used, including the stalk, what has to be taken into account while designing the complete installation.

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