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Potato processing machines

The following shows our potato processing machine models.


Potato processing line

Basic or complete, fully integrated processing line for freshly picked, packaged, ready-to-use potatoes. Different, optional and fully customised levels of automation depending on preference and requirements.


Potato washer

This potato washer is manufactured by AIT for EFS S.L. It washes and removes starch from the potatoes to guarantee an optimum quality product. It washes the potatoes. It removes the surface starch and reduces carbohydrate content.


Potato de-stoning machine

The de-stoning machine manufactured by AIT for the EFS brand incorporates a suction system that cleans potatoes by removing stones and other foreign objects as it pre-washes the product. Advice and interaction for projects.


Abrasive peeler

This peeling machine is manufactured by AIT for the EFS brand. it washes and peels potatoes by abrasion in automated cycles. The disc, core and housing are easily disassembled for replacement of the abrasive lining.


Inspection roller conveyors

This machine allows potatoes and other products to be inspected. Free-spinning rollers mounted on rubber-lined tracks for easy rolling during the conveying process. Allows manual potato inspection.