Quality Policy

AIT are fully aware of the commitment the company enter into with customers, and have therefore implemented a Quality Management System based on the model specified by the UNE-EN-ISO9001:2015 standard.


Because of the teamwork approach for which we strive, and which is one of our greatest strengths, AIT provide customers with effective and efficient responses for the management of the products we manufacture, and assist them in the consolidation of their activities.

Our aims are achieved through a set of good practices, which enable the entire team of professionals that make up the company to guarantee the quality of our products and the safety of each of our employees.


  • Customer satisfaction is our guarantee for the future and is therefore our highest priority.
  • Ensuring that the products manufactured by AIT fulfil all legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Achieving the satisfaction, well-being and personal fulfilment of our employees, in order to make our human resources the strength of the company and a guarantee for growth.
  • Achieving the highest standards of professional competence. Seeking effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Availing of the necessary resources which which to achieve the levels of quality agreed with our customers.
  • Training, challenging, involving and motivating all employees to achieve their stated aims and to encourage their participation.
  • Being open to communication and information. Acquiring and sharing knowledge.
  • Showing respect for our customers, collaborators, colleagues and social environment.
  • Taking action to prevent errors, verifying the suitability of results obtained with customer requests.
  • Analysing the internal and external context in a planned manner, both in our company and for stakeholders.
  • Accepting responsibility and entering into commitments, accepting the results of our actions.
  • Managing risks derived from our activity, by means of: Quality Management System, Business Continuity Plan and Occupational Risk Management Plan.


The Quality Management System is designed as a task for all employees, with the efforts led by the executive management and supervisors, ensuring compliance of employees with the indicated work guidelines, and implementing all possible improvements in order to make the workplace an ever safer environment.

  • Establishing and revising quality quality objectives and targets on a yearly basis.
  • Conducting regular Quality Management System inspections and audits to ensure its adequacy and effectiveness and to enable ongoing improvement programmes to be established for its development and performance management.


Dissemination and understanding of our quality policy is the basis for motivating and integrating current and future employees, who are trained in the workings of our management system.


In order to guarantee its effectiveness and ongoing relevance, this Quality Policy is subject to review and, where applicable, updating as the result of management reviews.

Signed: Mario Sánchez
Managing Director