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Nowadays sales are not determined by imposition: monopolies do no longer exist, neither informative nor communicative. Globalization has broken most of the preconceived barriers and made possible to buy and sell from and to anywhere around the world.


As a consequence there are few people who still take purchasing decisions under pressure or because of promotions about to expire, and even fewer customers give up and accept a condition or compromise after hard and long negotiations.

So, what’s in our hands to promote sales? Has the sales-work dead? NO, it has evolved, and thus a new question emerges: which direction should I guide the sales-work to?

To answer this is essential to first note the change that took place in the business models, if before sales were driven by position and promotion as master lines, now they are mainly determined by:

  • The Product, why are your solution better off, now it is necessary to invest much more time than it was before to make your product the best, and much less time to communicate your differentiation to the others thanks to the reduction of the communicative barriers.
  • The Connection, it is fundamental to understand your customer, their problematic and give them what they need. The old mindset of assuming your customer’s context in order to design and manufacture a solution is not the way to success any longer. Cooperation, working face to face with your customer, and have a good connection have become more important than ever.
  • The Experience, it is important to note also what is not tangible, understand the wished of our customer, notice what adds value and happiness to their mission, to OUR mission, and learn how to convey this wish to contribute to the general wellbeing.

Seen the above, we can answer to the question: which direction should I guide the sales-work to in my company?

  • To the product, discovering new needs in the customer even when they are not aware of them, with the key implication of the r&d team, and the customer themselves, to end up creating something so unique and attractive that its acquisition is unavoidable.
  • To the customer, it is very important to know our customer, their problems, and at the same time let them participate in the solution. All the assumptions have to be replaced by cooperation.
  • To the experience, products are not bought alone any longer, what it is bought is a whole experience including the product itself, how it solve the customer’s needs, how it is delivered, which service will be delivered once the sale has concluded…


It is because of all of the stated above that the sales result will not depend exclusively from the work performed in the commercial department, but in the whole company since the r&d to the customer service, what makes indispensable the consciousness of all the members in the company with the common goal.

Paul Sánchez

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