Environmental Policy

Managing AIT with full respect for the principles of environmental conservation and protection by integrating them in business decision-making processes.

Ensuring that the services provided and products manufactured by AIT comply with all legal and environmental requirements in force.

Using systems and components with consideration for their environmental impact in their life cycle and future reuse, and with a view to their energy efficiency.

Seeking out the best options with our collaborators in order to limit the environmental impact of our processes and services.

Encouraging fluid and open communications on environment-related subjects between the company and its stakeholders.

The environmental principles and commitments for our company are: Preventing and reducing as much as possible the environmental impact that our activities may cause, regular monitoring by company management of compliance with the company’s environmental policy, its aims and functionality, and information, training and awareness for all our employees according to their job functions and their related environmental aspects.

Signed: Sánchez Castro, Mario
Managing Director