General Occupational Health Safety Policy

The executive management of the Aitenet company have as one of their priority objectives the guaranteeing of the safety of all the company’s employees.

In order to achieve this, the company agree to implement an Integral Occupational Risk Prevention Management System for the prevention of work-related accidents by detecting situations of risk and their causes by means of the application of the appropriate methods, and by implementing the necessary and possible corrective actions. This system will not only reduce injuries, but also the material losses (installations, machinery, product, etc.) that habitually accompany them.

The Integrated Occupational Risk Management System is designed as a task for all employees, with the efforts led by the executive management and supervisors, ensuring compliance of employees with the indicated work guidelines, and implementing all possible improvements in order to make the workplace an ever safer environment.

As the chief executive of this company, I undertake to provide adequate resources for the correct operation of the Integrated Occupational Risk Management System, to disseminate its operation to all company employees, and to require full compliance with it. In order to do this, I have no doubt of the support and collaboration of each of the individuals who make up the company.