Conveyor machinery

AIT has a wide range of conveying machinery, from belt and elevator conveyors to screw and vibrating conveyors, and always offers the flexibility of custom design.


  • Comprehensive conveying solutions.
  • Design for food use: the highest standards of hygiene, cleanliness and safety.
  • Experience with and knowledge on vegetables and food processing in general.


AIT offers the most complete range of elevation and conveying equipment designed on the company’s ample experience.
Conveyor belts.
Elevator conveyors.
Screw conveyors.
Inspection conveyors.
Roller conveyors.
Platform conveyors.
Feeders and vibrating conveyors using either by eccentric force or electromagnetic vibration with silent operation and without mechanical stress with a frequency system adjusted to its optimum resonance.
Stainless steel mesh belt conveyors.

All customisable and in combination for a tailored solution designed by an team with great expertise and dedication. They are not only the sum of their parts but offer effective combined operation.

Technical specifications

  • Manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Designed according to EHEDG principles (European Hygienic Engineering Design Group) and complies with all health, cleanliness and safety standards.
  • Incorporating a hatch for easy cleaning.

Installation requirements

  • Three-phase electricity supply 380 V (3F + N + TT) 50 HZ.
  • Adaptable to customer requirements.

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