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Ebro Valley

A connecting point for technology, innovation and agro-industry

Since its origins the valley had an agricultural background thanks to its rich soils. Moreover the geographical position is key: if you drew an imaginary circle of 400km the most important innovative hubs and cities in Spain would be trapped inside (Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia, Zaragoza…).

However what put it on the spotlight of the agro-industrial technology was the attentive listening of the challenges of our industry. Everybody who has been involved in the food industry knows that problems in this industry have nothing to do with those in other kind of industry, after all we are working with many “living” products.

This attentive listening from the local technological companies has achieved earning the respect from the agro-industrial companies.

Other factor which has made of the Ebro Valley a Technological hub for the Food Industry is the strong commitment of the government and public institutions, amont this projects the CAT (standing for Ciudad Agroalimentaria de Tudela) deserves a special mention.



The focalization of food industry companies along with the presence of many technological companies, automotive, electronic, renewable energies… and the adaptations of these technologies to our sector have accomplished to make of the region a world centre of innovation, being incubator of disruptive cases like Davalor:

Paul Sánchez

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