Mixta multi-product cutting machine

The Mixta Floretting and decoring machine by Ait increases the flexibility of the processing line. In the mixed equipment, cutting systems of different products are placed in line to work all of them without the need of mechanical adjustments. Incorporates intelligent cutting with AV & AI



  • Get the best performance in the broccoli, cauliflower… cutting process (up to 5 products: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, romanesco, and iceberg).
  • State of the art technology thanks to continuous improvement with market leading company.
  • Process large quantities at a reduced cost maximizing your efficiency
  • Greater control of the final size of florets and quick adjustment.
  • Avoid pre-selection by product size, or separation by variety: Trained by Machine Learning, it identifies the product to be cut: broccoli, cauliflower,… and uses the different sets of blades adapted to each product.
  • Auto-adjustment to cut each size automatically. Maximum flexibility.
  • Robustness and Reliability
  • The world’s most advanced hygienic design, see more at https://www.safe4frame.com/en/


The Mixta broccoli and cauliflower floretting machine by Ait, cut the broccoli and cauliflower into florets and de-core other products such as cabbage. It is the first machine in the world to use Machine Vision together with an Artificial Intelligence Algorithm to determine the exact diameter of each head, on the basis of which it makes a customised cut for each head, which increases the yield and efficiency obtained in the cutting process while minimising waste, and allows better control of the size of the final product.

At the same time, having been trained by Machine Learning procedures, it identifies which product is entering the machine to decide which set of blades to use for the cut, automatically.

The size detection and automatic customised cutting also avoids other process tasks such as pre-calibration of the raw material by size.

Thanks to our new patented intelligent cutting system, the Ait MIXTA and MATRIX broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, romanesco and iceberg cutting machines are the only ones able to make a personalised cut automatically for each head.

It reduces labour requirements, allowing the processing of large quantities of product with a reduced cut, with guaranteed robustness, efficiency and reliability.

Technical specifications

  • Productivity: 120 heads per minute
  • New “Smart” generation of Intelligent Cutting with AV and AI for automatic measuring and cutting. Automatic multi-product working mode with auto-detection of the raw product to be processed and intelligent adjustment, without the need for mechanical changes.
  • Ait-Remote, online connection module
  • Industry 4.0.: App for multi-device data monitoring.
  • E-Comerce for instant spare parts ordering.
  • Only Floretting Machine with “safe” hygienic seal www.safe4frame.com
  • In addition to design according to EHEDG principles and the highest requirements for cleanliness and hygiene, and with all sanitary and safety standards.
  • Made entirely of stainless steel (AISI 304) in our factory in Tudela de Navarra, Spain.

Installation requirements

  • Electricity supply 380 V (3F + N + TT) 50HZ, consumes 10 kw.
  • Compressed air supply 6-7 kg/cm2, consumes 350 litres/minute
  • Adaptable to customer requirements

Intelligent cutting

  • Maximise your performance and efficiency

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